Holistic Therapy and Counseling Services: San Diego's Future

More and more San Diegans are seeking out holistic therapy and counseling as well as other forms of non-traditional mental health and wellness services as an alternative to the highly profit-driven, corporatized, and traditional medical model. Dr. Laurel Herbai Schlosser, a specialist in ecopsychology (a branch of psychology focused on how our well-being relates to our environment, surroundings, and nature), offers holistic therapy services to San Diegans regardless of means and without requiring costly insurance. Instead, Dr. Laurel focuses on each individual client's needs. As far as Dr. Laurel is concerned, her clients are neither numbers nor collections of diagnoses and prescriptions. Instead, they are unique individuals, people with whom she forges lasting professional relationships.

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Just let Dr. Laurel know who you are, how to get in touch with you, and the kind of holistic therapy or counseling that interests you, and she will contact you via phone or video chat for your initial, free consultation. If things click, then you will set up another appointment, this time in person, and see where life takes you from there!

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Your phone number will ONLY be used to contact your regarding this specific inquiry, and will never be sold to a third party. Dr. Laurel takes your privacy seriously!

Dr. Laurel makes the following promises to those who choose her services:

  • Privacy. Dr. Laurel takes your privacy seriously, and will never sell your information or provide it to a third party unless required by law or emergency.
  • Holistic therapy and counselingDr. Laurel purposefully works outside the medial establishment in order to serve those who have opted for an holistic alternative to the traditional medical model of counseling.
  • Sliding scale. Pay what you can. Dr. Laurel believes that holistic therapy and counseling services should be available to all those in need.
  • No insurance required. Ever. Don't have insurance? Just changed policies? No biggie. It doesn't matter.